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Building Continuous, Adaptable & Actionable Cybersecurity Programs and Solutions

Security is Continuous. Attacks can fail many times, one defensive failure means Game Over!

Security is Adaptable. Risk, organizations, and adversaries' motives change.

Security is Actionable. We build incremental and achievable security roadmaps.


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CA2 Security Core Services

Our Consulting Services Include

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Our Virtual CISO service (vCISO Service) fills the cybersecurity leadership gap for companies that don’t have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or are transitioning the cybersecurity function leadership while providing expertise and guidance to the rest of the executive team.

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Cybersecurity Advisory Services

We tailor our security control compliance and readiness assessment to your compliance and risk management programs by performing a gap analysis to identify areas of improvements, risks, and provide recommendations for risk mitigation and meeting compliance.

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Incident Response Assistance and Testing

Incident Response Tabletop Exercise: Cybersecurity exercises are a strategic way for an organization to validate their detection, response actions, and processes to information security threats and vulnerabilities in a real-time, no-fault environment. Exercises focus on examining how the organization’s key operations and management personnel assigned with emergency response roles and responsibilities follow current policy comprehension

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Cloud Security and Zero Trust Strategy

Our Cloud Security, Zerto Trust, and Identity and Access Management Team will help you build adaptable and modern Architecture that will ease the implementation of security controls and support your cloud migrations and digital strategies.

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Cybersecurity Testing

We provide Cybersecurity Testing according to your needs. We test your control effectives through proven Red, Blue and Purple Team exercises while working with your team to identify risk and remediation recommendations.

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Managed Audit and Compliance

Whether you are in a highly regulated industry or not you are likely having to manage regulator audits, partners and client audits, or all of then. We build and manage your audit and compliance program and take this tedious task from your hands while optimizing response time.

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CA2 Security

Our Approach To Cyber Risk Management Transformation


Working with your team we discover your assets, controls, governance, critical processes.


Collaborate with stakeholders to categorize assets based on business criticality.


We help your business identify cyber risk related to critical assets and business processes.


We create a simple, actionable and adaptable risk mitigation plan and roadmap to reduce risk.


We build feedback loops to ensure your team can adjust and risk is being managed.


We prepare your team to consume input and continue to optimize risk mitigation results.

Why CA2 Security?

We seek to become a trusted partner to help you optimize your cybersecurity resources around people, process, and technology.

Incremental and Agile Cybersecurity

We develop a Security Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for each stage of your roadmap.

Prioritizing Risk Mitigation

We seek to understand your business to build a risk management strategy business outcomes.

Maximize resources

We help you mature your current security posture using existing resources first.

Building cybersecurity resiliency

We help you build a resilient cybersecurity architecture while minimizing complexity.

Cybersecurity Protect

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

vCISO 90

Ideal for clients who need to fill a personnel gap while transitioning the Security Leadership function.

  • Focused / Tactical
  • Control Inventory
  • Policy Gap Analysis
  • Control Gap Analysis
  • Security Reference Architecture
  • Review Security Policies
  • Re-write / Draft Policies
  • After Action Report
  • Executive & Stakeholder Presentation

vCISO 180 Deliverables

Ideal for clients who need to build a Cybersecurity Strategy and Roadmap. It includes activities provided through vCISO-90.

  • Broad / Risk-Based
  • All vCISO-90
  • Review all Security + IT Policies
  • Re-write / Draft Policies
  • Security Governance Charter
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Measurement & Metrics
  • One Awareness Session
  • Risk Management Program
  • Audit Management
  • Cybersecurity Strategy & Roadmap

vCISO 365 Deliverables

Ideal for clients who need to transform their existing program or build one from scratch. Clients who need consistent fractional executive level leadership, & program management. Includes deliverables in vCISO-180.

  • Transformative / Strategic
  • All vCISO-180
  • Incident Response Tabletop Exercise
  • Lead Execution of Strategy
  • Compliance Program
  • Workforce Planning
  • Succession Plan
  • Third-Party Security Program
  • Participation as needed:
  • - Board of Directors
  • - Enterprise Risk Committee
  • - Sales related activities
  • - Budget Planning and Monitoring
About CA2 Security

Our Foundation


To simplify, balance and transform cybersecurity risk management.


We lean on business and risk management principles, creativity, agility, and trusted partnerships to help our clients reduce cyber risk through Continuous, Adaptable, and Actionable cybersecurity programs.


To simplify cybersecurity so you can reach your business objectives

About Carlos Rodriguez

Founder, vCISO


+10 years as a CTO | CISO for multibillion dollar companies. Focus on business outcomes while balancing risk & simplification. Long range vision that translates into Actionable strategies. Several industry accreditations. Recognized thought leader.

Connection Driven

Trusted advisor who connects and builds deep relationships. Collaboration and communication are foundational. Understanding our clients needs is a top priority.

Servant Leader

Empathetic, pragmatic leader. Trust and influence is earned, not given. Seeks to maximize value for stakeholders.

Change Agent

Understanding and protecting organizational culture is paramount. Managing risk incrementally. Building Adaptable strategies. Lifelong learner who seeks to apply newly acquired skills.


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