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Technology can sometimes be challenging to understand and use. However, it’s important for us to know it in order for it to be used for our businesses. Unfortunately, cyber attacks can happen and it can cause disruptions within your company. It can be a challenging process to understand how to prevent this, but CA2 Security is here to solve those problems for you.

What are cyber security attacks?

Cyber security attacks are an unauthorized attempt to steal or destroy data and other assets online with an intent to cause damage. They aim to disrupt, disable, or destroy computer systems. In 2021, cyber-attacks were estimated to happen 2,200 times a day. This added up to around 800,000 cyber-attacks all year.

How do I prevent cyber-attacks?

One quick way to prevent your website or device from a cyber-attack is to make sure your passwords are secure and not easy to guess, and when possible, compliment your password with an additional form of authentication such as a text message code for example; this is know as Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and known to mitigate many attempt to compromise access to systems. Another way to prevent bad things from happening is to avoid  opening links or attachments on emails that you don’t trust or don’t know where it’s from. Another solution is to leave it in the hands of a company to help you protect your network and technology assets and CA2 Security can help you with that.

What is CA2 Security?

Their mission is to enable cyber risk management transformation, balance, and simplification to protect your company against cyber. CA2  helps small and mid-sized businesses to build continuous, adaptable, and actionable cybersecurity programs and solutions by building incremental and achievable security roadmaps. Consulting with CA2 includes many services like cybersecurity consulting, cloud security and zero trust strategy, virtual chief information officer and many more!

What businesses is CA2 Security looking for?

CA2 works with start-ups, legal, healthcare and many more industries with cyber security needs. Continuing forward, they are looking for busy small and mid-sized business leaders struggling to manage their technology and cyber risk. CA2 is here to help simplify cybersecurity so you can reach your business goals!

CA2 Security on The 5th Floor

CA2 Security is located on The 5th Floor, just above the Marketplace at Avalon Park. You can go to their website here for more information.

The 5th Floor Orlando offers modern and high-quality workspaces, concierge-level services that are completely customized to our tenants’ specific needs, and a convenient location above Marketplace at Avalon Park. Our lockable cubicles, hot desks, and private offices are perfect for ambitious individuals looking for a workspace perfect for facilitating collaboration and fostering productivity. And our high-tech conference rooms are an excellent space to host your workshops, meetings, and events.

For more information about CA2 Security and to reserve one of our accommodating coworking spaces, contact The 5th Floor Orlando online or call us at 407-730-3493.

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